A movement to educate people about mathematics, from learning it (academic) to its various careers(real world) . This is done through seminars, motivational talks by professional, actual teaching, research etc 

About us

We run tutoring programmes for schools in need, master classes and train the learners to think like mathematicians through deductive thinking sessions. We create fresh minds that are ready to take part in creation and advancement of the technology in the current and the upcoming industrial revolutions.

Vision and Mission Statement

The aim of our movement is to create a society that is mathematically informed. We seek to build a tradition which is contrary to popular beliefs that mathematics is a challenging subject that has no tangible implication to how the world operates. 

Our belief is that, as it was passed on from generation-to-generation that mathematics is for certain group of people, the narrative that mathematics is not difficult and had real applications in the past, has applications now and will have application in the future world, can equally become a tradition. 

Through this tradition, it will be less difficult to approach the societal problems like underrepresentation of black South African mathematicians, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds like rural areas and locations.


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