How we do it ?​

  • We run seminars and workshops with secondary school teachers and learners from diverse backgrounds, promoting mathematics.
  •  The bad stigma around mathematics has got different layers, one of them being an incorrect narrative that mathematicians are not employable.
  •  Learners will naturally opt for other fields of study and this creates a blockage of potential future mathematicians, through lack of information.  
  • As a pivotal programme to overcome this, we gather schools and invite mathematicians who are professionals from different sectors to join us in seminars and workshops and give them a platform to share about their careers and motivate the learners (and the teachers) to pursue mathematics as a career path.
  •  Thus, learners get direct mentorship from professionals and get mapped to possible mathematical careers to consider. This programme is carried out to university level where students in mathematics and related fields will have one-to-one session with mathematicians from the industry and academics. 
  • We run tutoring programmes for schools in need, master classes and train the learners to think like mathematicians through deductive thinking sessions. 
  • We create fresh minds that are ready to take part in creation and advancement of the technology in the current and the upcoming industrial revolutions.