Teach The Nation (TTN)

Mthethwamatics Introduces Teach The Nation (TTN) programme

Programme Overview:

The main aim of the TTN programme is to provide esteemed mathematics lessons from grade R-12 with a bit of university level mathematics. The Mthethwamatics team will work hard in bringing quality lessons by identifying talented mathematics teachers, tutors, facilitators, students, learners, academics and mathematics lovers who can teach mathematics in a neat, rigour, fun, inspiring and inviting way. Dr. Simo Mthethwa will be one of the facilitators who are going to provide lessons.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this will be done online using zoom as a tool and the lessons will be live on the Mthethwamatics Facebook/Instagram page in real time. The videos will be recorded and posted on the Mthethwamatics YouTube channel. Links to the

YouTube channel & videos will be available will be available on the Mthethwamatics website, www.mthethwamatics.co.za. Potential learners and students can attend in real time by using the zoom link. This will also promote the posing of questions, just like in the physical class.

The lessons will be delivered on weekly or bi-weekly basis and anyone can access them for free. The lessons will generally be in the range of 45-60 minutes inclusive of the answering of questions.

A google form will be posted online (website & social media pages) in search of the teachers over and above the ones identified by the team on the ground.

Each one teaches one is good, each one Teach The Nation is better.

Yours Truly,

Dr Simo S Mthethwa