Virtual Mathematics Competition (VMC)

Project overview

The broad aim of Mthethwamatics is to create a society that is aware of the importance of Mathematics and its applications. Mthethwamatics prides itself in changing as well as eliminating the stigma around Mathematics. This is normally done through seminars and various educational programmes. In light of the current pandemic, Mthethwamatics is planning the Virtual Mathematics Competition (VMC). It is a competition that is targeted at everyone; the general public, learners of all the phases of the South African education system, teachers and students. The narrative is to promote mathematics to a wider audience, over and above schools. We intend to do this through asking participants/contestant to explain necessary concepts in mathematics. Our belief is that this process will not only add the element of fun to the subject but also improve reasoning capacity and create a sustainable peer-learning amongst learners, students, parents and teachers.


The main aim of the competition is to educate the society about some principles, fundamental concepts and theorems in mathematics. Knowledge of mathematics is not a pre-requisite to participate, the aim is to educate. The learning component of this competition will we done through allowing participants to consult with whomever that may be able to assist them, be it a teacher, tutor or parent. Once the participant is confident to have grasped the concept then the video (2 mins) detailing the solution should be conducted and submitted to us. There is no limit to the tools and creativity that may be used to present the solution or explanation.

Project Details

 To maintain fairness, the competition will be divided into categories as follows:

  • General Public: (Everyone).
  • Learners/Pupils: (Grade R to Grade 12 divided according to South African phases. Each phase will have a problem/challenge to solve and explain).
  • University Mathematics Students: (This includes every full time/part-time student that is enrolled for a qualification in mathematical science/mathematics education. Students registered for other qualifications fall into the General Public category).
  • Mathematics Teachers / facilitators / Tutors: Teachers of other subject belong to General Public.

Winners of each of the categories will compete for a Grand Prize

General rules of the competition:

  • Participants are required to take a video (maximum of 2mins) of themselves [individual or group] explaining or solving the problem given to their category (Creativity is more than welcomed). Artistic videos are also welcomed (cartoons, animations etc.).
  • Usage of native languages in the presentation is encouraged, however English is welcomed.
  • The Mthethwamatics team and immediate family are not allowed to participate
  • Teachers/Parents/Guardians making a video of a child (foundation phase) are allowed to assist the child even in the video.
  • Same participant can submit two or more videos for different categories.
The setup:

For all Categories: From 15 February 2021 to 30 April 2021,  we will be accepting videos on WhatsApp/Telegram on the number 0827766660.

Mthethwamatics: Virtua lMathematics Competiotion 2021 Competiotion 2021

 The voting will be done through likes, shares, retweets and views on Twitter and Facebook [social media reach].

– Public vote only contributes 30% of the final decision, the other 70% comes from judges (mathematics & mathematics education specialists).

Winners of each category will be announced on the 25th of May 2021

Winner(s) of the finals will be announced on 29th of May 2021